Using my experience and knowledge acquired in the shipping and offshore Oil & Gas industry for the past 34 years, where I have been engaged in different positions such as oil tankers captain, berthing and loading master, rigmover, head of marine logistics, marine manager, marine warranty surveyor and others make me a professional that will provide clients with experienced marine and logistics management expertise for the strategy, planning, contracting and execution of all marine & logistics based operations and services – Capt. Carmelo Benitez

Projects Experience

  • UZ750 Project (Abu Dhabi, UAE / ZADCO Project).
  • Bahr Essalam Phase II Project (Ravena, Italy / Mellitah Oil & Gas Project).
  • AMAL C Platform Project (Red Sea, Egypt / PICO & AMAPETCO Project).
  • ARAMCO LTA 17 Jackets Project (Abu Dhabi, UAE / Saudi Aramco Project).
  • Two New Platforms at NAO & HH Oil Field Project (Red Sea, Egypt / GPC Project).

These are the Companies Capt. Carmelo Benitez has worked for:

2014-2016/ZADCO/UZ750 Project/Abu Dhabi, UAE
2013-2014/ZADCO/UZ750 Project/Abu Dhabi, UAE
2005-2009/Shell Venezuela/Maracaibo, Venezuela
2001-2005/Brunei Shell Petroleum/Brunei
2001-2005/Brunei LNG Sendirian Berhad/Brunei
1998-2001/Shell Venezuela/Maracaibo, Venezuela
1994-1998/PDV Marina/Venezuela